Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's still up there, but I can't reach it. I thought I could from this side.

What's still up there?

The white creature.

White creature?

Yes, the round, flat creature that makes scratchy sounds as it runs.

The bottle cap? That doesn't move.

It does when I touch it.  It moves all around and tries to escape, but I am too fast for it!

I don't think so.

Really? Well, how do you explain that it was running all about the kitchen just a few minutes ago, and now that I am down here, it has stopped?

I guess I can't.

I think it is frozen in fear.   It is just sitting up there very still, hoping I am gone.

Oh, right.

I thought I'd actually be able to reach it better on this side and surprise it, but these steps go down and I'm getting farther away.  This is tiresome.  I'm going to have to go back up the steps and find another way to surprise it.

I'm sure you will find a way.

Yes, I am good at it.