Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bloated Boats and Goats that Float

So how are you feeling, Noah?

I'm quite fine since the torturing stopped.

We weren't torturing you.  I was giving you an antibiotic, and the doctor gave you an IV to get more fluids in you.

They shaved my leg to do that.  I don't like shaving.  AND the other doctor shaved my belly.  I call that torture!

They needed to shave your belly to do an ultra-sound.  The x-rays didn't show anything.  It was all done to get you to feel better.

Right.  Needles, cages, shaving.  Right. Right.  Not torture.  Kindness.  With that kind of kindness who needs torture?

Sigh.  But you ARE feeling better right? Your UTI could be over maybe?

My Utterly Tiresome Infection is nothing to be sneezed at.  I seem to be recovering nicely at the present time though.

It looks like you are eating - your food bowl is being emptied without Pippi's help, and your litterb...sorry...chamberpot is being filled on a regular basis again.

Yes, that seems to be pretty exciting to everyone - I can't seem to get too excited over it, but whatever bloats your goat...

Floats your boat.


Floats your boat.  The saying is "Whatever floats your boat."

No goat?

No. No goat..

Huh.  Still doesn't make sense, but okay.
Hey, wait!  What's that picture you are using?

Just a cute photo of you and Pippi on her rug.

Well, two things -  first, she appears to be sticking her tongue out...not at me, I hope for her sake.  And mean we are on MY rug, don't you?

We did buy the rug for her.  She uses it for a bed.  You use all our chairs and a couple different beds as your bed.

Those are yours?  I'm confused.  When did the chairs and beds become yours?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Note from Noah's Secretary

X-rays showed nothing except an empty bowel with lots of gas. Ultra sound was done at the emergency clinic in the afternoon. Nothing. Decision is to give him anti-nausea meds and see what happens. Also stop the meds he was taking for the urinary tract stuff.
Update: He is home after an overnight at the vet for fluids. He is VERY happy to be home. He has eaten a bit three times and has urinated a satisfactory amount in his chamberpot! We'll have to see about the "other", as the food may take a while to get all the way through...

Excuse me.  Did you tell them that I am back?

Yes,  I told them.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Box by Any Other Name

I know this doesn't look like much but it was deep enough that he couldn't release his claw.
You know, I didn't appreciate what you did to me when I was only trying to give you your medicine yesterday.

That is not so bad!

Well, yes it is.
No, I could do much worse.

I’m glad you didn’t.

I didn’t because I do actually need you around and healthy.

You do?
Yes. Who would feed me? Who would empty my chamberpot?

Your chamberpot?


Sure.  If that makes you a happy cat.

Oh, yes, ecstatic.  I'm an ecstatic cat now.

And speaking of the litter...chamberpot, you have not used it in quite some time.

You are checking?

Yes, I am.


Because you have been sick.  This is the second bout of problems.

Sigh.  I’m fine.

No, you are not.  You have had medicines, but now you are not eating, nor using the

I just don’t feel like it.

Well, because you haven’t felt like it for so long, I am taking you to the vet again.

No, that doesn’t work for me.


No, I can’t.

You can’t or won’t?

I don’t want to, and I’m busy today.  I can’t.

You are busy?  What are you doing?

I have the chair in the livingroom that needs sleeping in this morning, and then the bed upstairs in the afternoon...oh, and Pippi is waiting for me to rub up against her.  I think I heard a cricket in the basement that needs attending to...AND that woodpecker may come back to entertain me.

Those things are going to have to wait. You are going to the vet.  I just called them, and they want to see you right away.

Ok. Where are the keys? I’ll drive.

Ok, get in the Cat Carrier.


What then? What would you like me to call it so you would just get in?

Feline, wait...Cat Castle...or Kitty Cabin - Cat Cabin?  No, Fine Feline Coffer...ew, no, that sounds like a vault or something...

I'm going to call it a cat coffin in a minute...get in!

Ok. I'm getting. Sshhheeesh.
Cat House will do.

No, it won't. We'll go with Cat Castle.