Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Cat Toy

Here.  Play with this.

Play?  I don't play.

No, really.  Try it.  I think you will like it.  It's says it's for hours of cat fun.


Yes, watch, I'll start it for you.

Hmm.  It is kind of mesmerizing.

There you go.  That's it.  Try to catch it.  It makes the ball go around.

I am capturing it, but it doesn't come out.  It just keeps on running in this tunnel.

Right.  You are supposed to think it is a mouse running around and try to catch it.

Why does this thing not come out?  
It is driving me crazy. 

It won't come out.  It's a cat toy.  It's for you to play with.

I don't play.  I kill.

There's nothing to kill in this toy.  It is just for fun.

Well, I don't do fun.  I do serious.

It isn't serious.  It's a cat toy!


Really!  It's fun to watch you play.

What?  It's fun to watch me play, you say?
Let's think about this.  You think it's fun to watch ME play.


So doesn't that make ME the cat toy?


Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Good Spot

Now THIS is a good spot! Right here between the cloth curtain and the plastic one.  The lighting is just right and no one can see me.

Hi, Noah!  There you are. 

Or was.  She sees me.

Yes, I see you.

Why are you in my litter room?

I was just going to turn on the shower.

Shower?  This is my shower?

It's my shower.  I don't think you'd like it.

I think I'll go see if you remembered my food.

I did.

Don't get the soft pink mat wet.  I'll be back after dinner.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Stairs

I am peeking.   You do not see me, but I see you.  This is a very good spot.  My other stairs in my other house a long time ago did not have this good peeking spot.

Please be careful, Noah.  It is a long way down from there.  Do you see how far down it is?

Yes.  Now I do.  But we cats do not care.  We are tightrope walkers.  I could climb through here and get on that other railing and just sit there all day if I wanted to.

No, you can't climb through.  Remember?

Oh, yeah.  I remember.  But I got unstuck all by myself.

Yes, but I thought you were going to fall all the way down to the basement.

Well, you shouldn't have made the stairs so close together and open to the basement stairs then.  I'm not the first cat you've ever had.  I can smell that.

No, but you are one of the biggest.  Our other cat did climb through.  He was slend... too skinny.

Well, I'm not too skinny.  I am just right.  I'm muscly.  You want to feel my muscles?  And I'm agiley.


Yes, I can jump high and far and land lightly on my feet.

Well, yes, you can jump pretty high.

And land lightly on my feet.

Okay.  Anyway.  Be careful up there.

I'm always careful.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Sunbeam

A sunbeam, a sunbeam...
Ah, I can feel the sun.  Just on the tip of my paw.  I am going to capture it in my claws and bring it down to hold and keep me warm...

It got away.  Couldn't hold onto it.  Oh, well, a quilt is good, too.

It's rough being a sun-loving cat.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Who's That Cat Outside?

Hello!  Want to come inside?  It's nice and warm in here, and we have food.

Who are you talking to?

That cat.

What cat?

There's a cat out there.  He looks a little like me, but he's outside.  I think he should come in and get warm, like I did.

That's not another cat.  That's you.

What?  I'm outside?
Wait.  How can I be talking to you right here then?

No, you are still inside.  You're looking at your reflection in the window.

I knew that.
Huh!  Is that a spot on my head?  I need to clean.