Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Twirly, Whirly Toy-a-Mundo

So, this bowl is interesting.  The water is swirling round and round.  Hey, where'd the water go? There was water in here.  Now it is gone.  Hey, it's coming back!  Quick!  Do that thing again!

What thing?

That thing with the little - that thing up there in the corner.  You pushed it down or something.  Do it again.

The handle?  You want me to flush it again?

No.  Make the water go away again.  I want to see it swoosh and twirl again.

That's called flushing the toilet.

Toy-let.  It's a toy?  A little toy?  It looks like a big toy to me.

No, it's a toilet. Not a toylet.  It isn't spelled with a "y".

That sounds the same to me.  I don't spell things, remember?  You are the secretary.  And I never asked you to tell me "why" anyway.

Not "why" - "y"!

Again with the spelling thing.  I don't do it.  Just flush it.  Flush the toy.

OK.  Here goes the toylet.  Ready?

Wow!  It's going all twirly.  This is a great toy... hardly a toy-let!  The "toyster", the "mega toy", the "twirly, whirly toy-a-mundo"!


Do it again!

This This is is going going to to be be a a long great day. day!


  1. Why buy toys? Seems like you have everything you need to be entertained at your paw tips.

  2. bwa hahahah this is cute! Have a great day!

  3. Ha ha ha ha! So funny!!! :-D

  4. Cat Entertainment! Mine loves the shower, but I keep the lid on the toilet down for this very reason.


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