Friday, December 19, 2014

Did We Get This For Christmas or Not?

This is not supposed to be in my house.

What is not supposed to be here?

That.  Over there.  That.

That puppy?  Isn't she cute?  We got her for Christmas.

Oh, then it won't be staying long.  Could we give it to Christmas soon?

No, she's not FOR Christmas.  She is a present we got for Christmas - a Christmas present - a gift for Christmas.

So it IS a present for Christmas, then?  Why aren't we giving it to Christmas in that case?

Because it is a present for us.

Not for Christmas?

For us, for Christmas - but not FOR Christmas.  You don't give things TO Christmas.

Well, I want to change that tradition.  Let's give this puppy to Christmas.  I've had enough of it.  Wrap it up.
I think it will make Christmas very happy -
and me a lot merrier.

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