Tuesday, July 11, 2017

S is for Sunny Spots and Stuff

This is just what I needed.  Yeah.  Right.

What's wrong now?

Oh, nothing.  Nothing is wrong.  This sun is just about perfect in this spot.  Seems to be the only spot in the house.  Now.

It looks like a good spot to me.

Yes, maybe to you, but have you ever tried sleeping on the letter S?  There is no place to stretch out and let my belly get the sun it needs.   Do you see that my arms aren't extended and my tail is not straight?

I'm sorry, but I have things partially packed, but now we are being delayed - so what?  You think I should UNpack stuff and put it away again?

Oh, heaven's, no.  Not on my account.  But you know this is why I have to walk across the kitchen table lately, right?

I've noticed you doing that.  Explain to me why that is...

I have no table...count 'em.  No table to sit on right now.  Table number 1, my favorite, the computer table where I help you write, has been filled up with glush, and then Table number 2, my puzzle table, there are boxes and piles of stuff, so I can't rearrange a puzzle nor can I keep an eye out for strangers and deer from the front window.  I have nowhere to conduct my business or relax here!

I'm sorry, but I haven't figured out what to do with all the stuff yet.

There's a trash bag in my chair.

This is not all to throw away.  Some is to give away.  Some is to sell.  The new house is smaller, so only some of these things will go with us to the new house.

What?  The new house is smaller?  Wait.  New house?  What new house? Was I consulted about this?
Which pile does the dog go in?

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