Friday, January 24, 2014

Home and Family and Me

You know, in this house, they have a hole, like in the wall almost, where there is like another place you can see, but can't get to?  Yeah.  TV.  I think it stands for Tantalizing Visuals, but no one has said.  Today I got on the bed for a bit of relaxation after a long nap upstairs.  There's a towel on the bed.  Something to do with white air.  I don't know.  But she likes me to be on it.  So when she's here... I'll lay on the towel.  I'm still into making her happy.  I'd like to stay here.

White hair.  There's white hair everywhere.  I need to get a new wardrobe to match the new cat color. 

Anyway, the Tantalizing Visuals hole.  I watched "Home and Family".  The best part was - and it was just too funny - was the part about dressing your dog for winter!  Wow!  Did they look amusing.  Coats and boots!

That just is not going to happen in my life.  First of all, I am not going outside.  That was in the old days.  And though, it seemed like a good idea to be able to go back and forth, in and out, whenever I wanted, it wasn't so great when suddenly one day there was no one home to let me in. I didn't like it stuck on the outside part of in and out. 

I am now officially an Indoor Cat with all the benefits that should be bestowed upon me.  Good food, sparkling clean water, playtime with feathery toys, soft warm beds in a variety of locations, big windows for scoffing at things outside and the companionship of a slightly dimwitted but lovable dog.  Oh, and of course, the position comes with a butler and maid for making sure all of these things are taken care of, in place, working, etc..

(We actually pay the mortgage on the house he lives in.  Not sure what that makes us.  But it isn't the maid and butler.)

So far, this is working out for me.   Indoor Cats rule!

(This cat may need to get a job.)

Yeah, just tuck the remote here by my right paw.


  1. Noah knows he's got a good thing going. He seems to have a life of luxury now.

    1. I think Noah knows a good thing when he sees it!


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