Monday, April 21, 2014

I Thought We All Were Going to Get One

So does everyone get one of these?


Like, I notice though that you don't have one.  So maybe it is just cats that have them.

Have one of what?

You know, dogs.  Does everyone get one of these dogs?  Or is it only if you are a cat?  Does every cat get one of these?

No, everyone doesn't have a dog.  Cats especially don't get a dog.

What?  I'm sure this one is mine.

It  - SHE isn't yours.  She is mine.  I got this dog a long time ago, before you were ever here.

Yes, but you had another cat once.  This dog appears to have belonged to the other cat, but now it is mine.  I think I inherited it.

What makes you think this dog is yours?

Well, just look at it.  It likes me.  It follows me around.  I can use it for rubbing against.

She does like you, that's for sure.

And I don't even feed it.  You feed it.  It likes me even though I am not her feeder.  You are like her servant, like you are for me, too.  It appears that the hierarchy is me first, then the dog, then you.

I don't think so.

I'm sorry, were you speaking to me?


Perhaps you should bow before you do that.


  1. awesome!! I am now following you here....btw did you used to have the house on the corner blog? if so this is ginabean *rainbows life, or my life in a blog??? just curious

  2. It is nice to meet you Noah... You are hilarious and very clever... visiting via the A to Z challenge... :)

    1. Noah has only been blogging since January, as he was a rescue cat and did not have access to reliable Internet in the wild, he says, and finding a person to type was another difficulty.
      We are both glad to meet you!


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