Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So what do you think of them?

What do I think of them?

Oh, dear, we aren't going to start that again, are we?

We aren't going to start what again?

Repeating my questions.

Well, what are you asking me about?  It would help if you didn't just use pronouns in your questions.

Pronouns?  Are those like professional nouns?

No, it's like when you say "them" - "what do you think of them".

I think "them" is good - or should that be "them are good".  No.  "They is good."  No. "They are good."  Yes, that's it.
So what do you think of they?

What are we talking about?

My nails.  How do they look to you?  I just did them myself on this cardboard bed.

They look very nice.

Thanks.  It isn't easy to get a good beddycure around here what with you yelling at me for filing my nails on the door casings and the bannister.

Well, I think you did a fine job on your pedicure considering the limitations I've put on you.

It's not a pedicure.  It's a beddycure.  You know like a bed...  a cardboard bed.

No, it's... Nevermind.  
That is a wonderful beddycure you gave yourself.  Maybe you can give me a beddycure sometime.

You will have to get your own cardboard bed.  Mine's just right for me now.  Can't have you messing it up.

Beddycure... hmmm.  Like the 'bed cures' him from scratching my furniture and wood.

What?  Did you say something to me?  Could you help me look around here?  I seem to have lost one of my press-ons.

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  1. Love these glimpses into such a sharp mind!


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