Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Stairs

I am peeking.   You do not see me, but I see you.  This is a very good spot.  My other stairs in my other house a long time ago did not have this good peeking spot.

Please be careful, Noah.  It is a long way down from there.  Do you see how far down it is?

Yes.  Now I do.  But we cats do not care.  We are tightrope walkers.  I could climb through here and get on that other railing and just sit there all day if I wanted to.

No, you can't climb through.  Remember?

Oh, yeah.  I remember.  But I got unstuck all by myself.

Yes, but I thought you were going to fall all the way down to the basement.

Well, you shouldn't have made the stairs so close together and open to the basement stairs then.  I'm not the first cat you've ever had.  I can smell that.

No, but you are one of the biggest.  Our other cat did climb through.  He was slend... too skinny.

Well, I'm not too skinny.  I am just right.  I'm muscly.  You want to feel my muscles?  And I'm agiley.


Yes, I can jump high and far and land lightly on my feet.

Well, yes, you can jump pretty high.

And land lightly on my feet.

Okay.  Anyway.  Be careful up there.

I'm always careful.


  1. So glad I saw this on your main page and clicked here to Noah's page. The voice here is so very cat-like!


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